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Agile Customer (Product Owner)

Overview: Product managers and business analysts are often thrown into the Scrum Product Owner role with minimal preparation. Without properly seeing how to evolve a product, how to make commitments while eschewing predictions, and how to restructure their daily activities, they flounder. Most of them can barely make time for the team, let alone produce useful stories. Before long, they start feeling bad and overwhelmed by their various commitments.

If you are a product manager, interaction designer, analyst, domain architect, or usability specialist, you are an Agile Customer. (One of these roles is typically designated as the lead, or Product Owner.) You must absolutely grasp the Agile principles, understand their responsibilities, and know your role beyond “rank stories in a backlog”. As a properly trained Agile Customer, you'll be able to plan a project that delights your users and satisfies your stakeholders.

After this course, you, the Agile Customer, will know exactly what to do and what to avoid. You'll become truly effective, confident, and relaxed in your role. You'll understand exactly how to specify and plan for a project of any size, what commitments you can make, and how to work effectively with the delivery team(s). You will have a consistent, flexible methodology that produces valuable, measurable results.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Perform the daily, iteration and project-level practices of an Agile Customer
  • Embrace the adaptive, evolutionary mindset and the principles that enable true agility
  • List the critical factors to your Agile project's success
  • Work collaboratively and effectively with delivery teams

Intended Audience: Product managers, interaction designers, analysts, domain architects, usability specialists, testers

Class Size: Up to 16 participants

Duration: 2 days

The instructor has been using, teaching and perfecting these techniques for many years. Expect a highly interactive and practical course!

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