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Agile Engineering

Overview: Agile changes the rules of the programming game. Your team can't just use stripped-down versions of traditional programming; they must develop the knowledge, approaches, and habits to be effective in an Agile life-cycle. Otherwise, they'll just produce instant legacy code and within a year or so, technical debt will compromise quality and productivity. Guaranteed.

In this Agile Engineering course, programmers will learn reliable, sustainable and enjoyable software development practices that time-and-time again work effectively in concert with Agile project management methods, and which you can immediately put to use. These techniques, first popularized in Extreme Programming (XP), have been proven, refined and extended for more than a decade. They have been repeatedly shown to significantly reduce time to market, increase quality, and reduce technical debt.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Develop simple, clear, tested code faster than you ever did
  • Practice modern techniques such as test-driven development and refactoring
  • Evolve object-oriented software with tests' guidance
  • Unit-test the tough cases
  • Stop dreading legacy code

Intended Audience: Developers (and testers who code). Delivered in Java, C#, and/or PHP, this course is perfect for C++, Python, GWT and other web developers too.

Class Size: Up to 18 participants

Duration: 2 or 3 days + bonus implementation consulting

The instructor has been using and teaching these techniques for many years. Expect a highly interactive and practical course!

 Curriculum and rave testimonials from students in Toronto, Vancouver, Boston, Israel

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