Choosing an Agile service provider


If you’re thinking...

"but we’re distributed"
"we’re deep in legacy"
"management won’t have it"
"we’re special"

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If your organization is affected by long release cycles, elusive product quality, sub-optimal productivity and business-IT misalignment, you’re in good company – a majority of our industry. Many in your situation have adopted Agile Software Development, realizing process improvement, performance transformation, and even business rescue.

Rely on 3P Vantage's proven ADAPTIVE© Agile Enablement System. Choose your program:

Start Agile:

  • Understand the state
  • Transfer the skills
  • Learn the process
  • Explore the mindset
  • Establish the community
  • Design the environment
  • Kick-off the project
  • Experience the cycle

Start Agile
Best for cost-conscious leaders whose teams can run with Agile after only brief guidance.

Do Agile:

  • Assess the state
  • Teach the skills
  • Live the process
  • Experience the mindset
  • Jell the community
  • Setup the environment
  • Run with the project
  • Stabilize the performance

Agile Adoption
Best for value-conscious leaders who minimize their teams’ tribulations through expert guidance.