Something Happened on the Way to Agile: Overcome common Agile challenges and concerns with this free 20-day mini-program. Comes with a complimentary subscription to the 3P Vantage Point ezine.

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Why You’re In Good Hands With 3P Vantage

You won't need to look for additional coaches/consultants. You get full service from us on all dimensions: teams, leadership, technical, planning, product, and strategy. We train teams, coach them in real-life application, and accompany a project from the first day (e.g. kick-off). We address stakeholders' related needs, such as hiring, governance, and testing.

You won't hear us parroting books. We’re not a generic consultancy, a contractor, or a Big Name on the Agile bandwagon. Agile is what we do. We stay involved in the Agile community. Gil Broza remains a contributor to the renowned Agile 20XX conference and local user groups.

You'll clearly see your options and their implications, and we'll help you pick the best one. There's no “best practice” when it comes to Agile transformations, because your context is unique to you and should be treated accordingly.

Even your toughest challenges won't faze us, be they requirements, programming, culture or people.

Your teams will keep delivering during the adoption/change period. Clearly, work doesn't stop, and your obligations still stand as the teams learn better ways. Our strategies and approaches integrate into your reality.

Our clients have consistently shipped working software on time, boosted their productivity and teamwork, and decimated their software defects. Would you like us to do that for you? Link to contact Contact us today.

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