• Start Agile
  • Do Agile
  • Adjust Agile
  • Agile Makeover
  • Be Agile
  • Amplify Agile
  • Technical Agility
  • Lead Agile
  • Propagate Agile


  • The Agile Mind-Set
  • Pragmatic Scrum
  • Agile Engineering
  • Agile Customer
  • Agile Testing
  • Grow A Solid Agile Team



Do you feel that there's a lot of available information out there, but you still want an actual flesh-and-blood person to help you?

   Back to Basics: Have Gil Broza meet your team for a facilitated, pragmatic 90-minute refresher/exploration of how they can better apply the Agile/Lean principles. (Previous clients have experienced anywhere from validation of their current practice to a complete reboot of it.)

   Conquer the Next Peak (a.k.a. “Health Check”): Assess teams' Agility in context; recommend practical roadmap towards desired goal; identifying challenges and mitigation strategies.

    Have a SEAT (Safe, Effective Agile Transition): Assess present state, challenges, and implementation risks; recommend the best path forward, pointing out the challenges and traps.

Be careful: Not every Agile coach or Scrum trainer can perform these services effectively. For your own good, get someone experienced with assessments. Write to us if you'd like to see an example of a properly conducted assessment report.

    Prep for Agile: Assess present state, challenges, and risks; tailor methodology specifics; coach leaders about their role and critical success factors, and collaboratively craft a practical enablement roadmap.

   Secret Weapon: Are you driving your team's Agile adoption single-handedly, and the organization won't pay for an external coach to support the transition? Rely on Gil as your secret weapon. Have him consult, mentor, and coach you privately, on the phone, for one hour a week.