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  • Technical Agility
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NEW! Immersive Agile mind-set & leadership training tailored to three audience levels:

Being Agile (1 day)for team members
Move beyond “doing Agile”: Get a strong feel for the mind-set and thinking tools for adopting it

Leading Toward the Agile Mind-Set (2 days)for team leads, managers, proj & prog mgrs
Develop useful attitudes and know-how for cultivating team and organizational Agility

The Executive’s Guide to the Agile Mind-Set (½ or 1 day)for VPs and up
Gain proven strategies, practical tools, and insights for enabling a truly Agile environment


 Pragmatic Scrum
Have your entire team learn how to practice Scrum effectively in your context (and save up to 50% over other providers because we don't certify anyone!)


 Agile Engineering: Effective Programming Techniques and Strategies for Sustained Agility
Master the strategies and practices of developing high-quality code and vanquishing scary legacy!


 Agile Customer (Product Owner)
Learn to discover, shape, and evolve valuable products (Agile + Lean Startup)


 Agile Testing
Become an effective tester on an Agile team


 Grow A Solid Agile Team: Practical Skills for Cultivating Excellence
Learn practical skills for helping your Agile team become powerful, self-directing, and reliable ... and keeping calm in the process