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Gil Broza

Principal Agile coach and trainer; owner

Gil Broza - Select Endorsements

  • “Gil facilitates learning, works with existing pressures and cultivates future coaches from within an organization. He gradually replaces himself by building real, lasting change. Additionally, Gil's approach doesn't just target the development team but includes training, mentoring and advocacy right through the organization to the very top.” – Cam Turner, Director of Engineering, D2L

  • “I have been impressed by Gil’s facilitation skills. His technical confidence earns him credence and respect from the developers. I have observed Gil handle difficult software engineer personalities without being dismissive or patronizing... I give Gil credit for setting us on the right trajectory.” – Ivan Basch, Senior Program Manager, VFA

  • “Just after a few sessions, our team had shown a significant progress in self-organization and communication between team members and product owners. In turn, this had led to an increase in productivity, higher owner/management satisfaction, as well as an overall better team morale.” – Michael Portnoy, Developer,

  • “The course content was excellent and tailored to our needs... Being primarily based on code samples and exercises it was a chance for in-context and practical learning that I have already seen being applied in our code. Gil is a very personable coach who clearly has a deep knowledge of his subject, both technically and philosophically. He conducts himself and his business very professionally and is a pleasure to work with.” – Simon Palmer, CTO, Empathica

  • “Gil has been instrumental in raising the bar on the quality of our Agile team's deliverables. Planning and just-in-time decisions/changes are much better balanced after Gil's involvement in the team leadership work. The team's motivation and attitude have improved significantly due to his contributions.” – Horia Balog, Senior Software Architect, Architech Solutions

  • “Gil brings an enormously helpful message that companies ignore at their peril if they want to deepen their investment in Agile. Hes experienced in many of the challenges to Agile teams, and resourceful when it comes to coaching teams through new challenges.” – Michael Goitein, Principal Project Manager at Mobiquity, Inc.