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Pre-launch of the audio edition of Gil’s book The Human Side of Agile: until November 26, 2017


This popular book is finally getting the same treatment as its younger sibling The Agile Mindset by getting produced in audio. On this occasion of making Gil’s guidance more accessible, we have some unusual specials. Check it out today.



Practical Agile Leadership: Toronto, February 21-22, 2018


Two experiential days of comprehensive guidance on managing Agile. If you’re accountable for the success of one or more teams and looking to increase your contribution as a leader, this training is your practical, proven, and reasonably priced alternative to “Certified Agile Leadership” (CAL1). This promise is for real: we’ve already taught over 100 Agile leadership courses and coached hundreds of middle managers in dozens of Agile transformations.



Agile in Your Context: Toronto and Raleigh, April 2018


If your organization is going with Scrum/Agile/Kanban, but marrying the theory to your organizational reality is turning out to be tricky, this workshop will help you find practical solutions and steps forward.


Registration is not open yet. Contact us to be the first in line for super-early-bird pricing.




We hold public events every year: experiential workshops, in-person/virtual training, and webinars. Thinking about bringing one to your area? Write to Gil. Or, to be informed about new events, get our newsletter.

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