Gil Broza Interviewed by Selena Delesie (48-min audio)

Gil Broza Interviewed by Selena Delesie (48-min audio)

How do you lead with both heart and mind? Why would you care do to that? And how do you overcome the organizational barriers to a people-first culture? Selena Delesie, host of the Lead With Love Virtual Conference, held a deep-dive interview on these matters with Gil in January 2017.

Selena and Gil discussed:

  • The human challenges to Agile adoption
  • Inviting both teams and managers to Agile, rather than coercing them
  • How to establish a thriving team environment
  • Why a leader would want to go to the trouble of getting their people to participate more actively
  • Advice to people who want to lead that way but are having trouble getting there
  • The why and what of building relationships and connections


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