Gearing up for Agile, improving it, or going through a makeover? This is for you:

How to Be Agile

A Recorded Webinar with Gil Broza

Becoming truly agile takes years. But the transformation to Agile, which is a huge change, is something you’ll experience only a couple of times in your career. Along the way, there will be inertia, resistance, and frustration. Sadly, many organizations don’t make it to the other side.

Gil’s firm, 3P Vantage, specializes in helping you make that transformation — and its popular form these days, the makeover — minimally painful and costly. In this webinar, he ties his decade of experience into a system you can use successfully. You’ll learn:

  • 5 crucial points that people often miss when they consider Agile
  • Gil’s insights about the Agile journey and its 3 types of legs
  • 3P Vantage’s ADAPTIVE enablement system
  • Real stories of applying the system to each type of leg in various contexts
  • Exactly what to do next so you can turn the situation around

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Gil Broza Gil has been bringing effective, humane, and responsible Agile software development to companies for a decade. Relying on his vast experience in programming, management and organizational development, he helps professionals implement non-dogmatic Agility that truly works. He is the author of The Agile Mind-Set and The Human Side of Agile.


“Gil is a great Agile practitioner and coach. I hired him to help with planning an implementation strategy to adopt Agile into our organization. Gil is an expert on a number of Agile topics and methods. His facilitation, coaching, and presentation skills are excellent. I would highly recommend him to any organization wishing to adopt and further evolve their adoption of Agile.”

Mark Veksler
Sr. Director, Software Development, VFA, Boston

“Gil fundamentally changed the way that I think about software development. I attended one of his Agile Engineering courses where he taught techniques for software development such as design, TDD, refactoring and pair programming. Throughout the course Gil showed us ways to approach complicated architectural changes without ever leaving the code in a broken state. The idea that any change can be made in safe incremental steps all validated by TDD opened my mind to new possibilities and a different way to think about developing software. I would highly recommend Gil’s Agile Engineering course to any aspiring developer.”

Scott MacLellan
Senior Software Developer, Desire2Learn, Kitchener

“I invited Gil to run a combination of assessment on our Agile implementation, and ad hoc, on-site training, tailored to the needs we’d agree on based on the assessment. I was impressed with many things — his preparation, sharp observation, and vast knowledge and application of it in our context. I know that the team and I took a variety of things from our short time with Gil — we run our daily much better now, we do planning differently, we address facilitation more seriously, and some roles and boundaries are clearer. With the perspective of time I am confident in recommending Gil’s consulting service to anyone who wants to get a deeper understanding and richer benefits out of working in an Agile way.”

Guy Nachimson
Director of Israel R&D at Software AG

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