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Gil Broza

Principal Agile coach and trainer; owner

Gil Broza - Profile

Gil Broza helps software organizations build and lead engaged, solid, high-performance Agile development teams. He guides teams and their leaders in creating effective, humane, and responsible work environments so they truly delight their customers and make a positive impact. He is an “all-rounder”, working at all organizational levels and coaching people in both technical and leadership behaviours.

Gil's recently published book The Agile Mind-Set exposes how practitioners think about work to get amazing results. His previous book The Human Side of Agile is the definitive practical guide to leading Agile teams in the real world. He has been a regular contributor and coaching track chair for the Agile series of conferences, a sought-after speaker for other industry events and groups, and a host of numerous public webinars about Agility. For a taste of his approach click here.

In the last 12 years, Gil has taught and coached more than 2,000 professionals in over 70 organizations of every size and industry. He has conducted readiness and Agility assessments, skills trainings, project kick-offs, large-scale transitions, on-going process coaching, retrospectives, and process fix-ups and tune-ups. Prior to becoming a coach/consultant, Gil was an R&D manager, team leader and developer for 12 years, applying Agile methods since 2001. He remains proficient in Java, C# and C++ and is one of a handful of trainers worldwide who teach Agile Engineering.

Gil lives in Toronto, Canada.

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