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Gil Broza

Principal Agile coach and trainer; owner



Gil Broza - Select Publications, Tutorials and Talks

Contact “The Agile Mind-Set: Making Agile Processes Work”, Gil's book (2015)

Contact “The Human Side of Agile: How to Help Your Team Deliver”, Gil's book (2012)

“Being Agile: Having the Mind-Set That Delivers”, talk at Agile2015 and Agile Boston

“The Human Side of Agile Management”, talk at Agile2014 and various meetups

“Individuals and Interactions: 10 Lessons from Putting People Before Process”, keynote at Agile Israel 2013, talk at PMI PDD in Des Moines, 2014

“Agile: Where the Wild Things Are”, half-day workshop for PMI Greater Toronto, September 2012

“Agile Project Management: Beyond the Mechanics and Moves”, experiential workshop at ProjectWorld, May 2011, Toronto and Agile Tour Toronto, November 2011

Contact “Programming Without Fear”, Journeyman programmer skills (TDD, refactoring, code smells), seminar at the Greater Boston Chapter of the ACM, November 2010

“Top Ten Attitudes To Abolish When Adopting Agile”, keynote at “Agile Comes To You”, June 2010, Toronto, talk at PMI PD Day 2012, Toronto, and talk at ALE 2012, Barcelona

“Today's Business World Needs Contextual Craftsmanship”, Cutter IT Journal, April 2010

“A Product Backlog Is Not Enough: Charter Your Projects”, tutorial at Agile Tour Toronto 2009

“Secrets of High-Performance Agile Implementations”, talk at SD Best Practices 2008, Boston, MA and tutorial at Agile 2008, Toronto, ON

“Refactoring for Testable C++”, tutorial (with Keith Ray) at Agile 2008, Toronto, ON

“Managing Your Commitments During an Agile Transition”, Cutter Executive Update, July 2007