Coaching Programs

Our customized programs will help you reach your Agile-related objectives with minimal risk and thrashing.

For most organizations, the Agile journey is the deepest change they undergo. Sending a few people off to a class, or bringing a coach in for a couple of days, is just not effective.


We derive all our programs from ADAPTIVE©, the Agile transformation system we’ve honed over the last 10 years. Whether you invest a lot or a little, we’ll give you a customized, balanced program that maximizes your investment. You can relax, knowing that all our people are experienced in Agile enterprise and team coaching, training, and facilitation. We will take care of you with openness, presence, and empathy.


We’ll start our conversation by choosing the program based on your starting point, investment, and tolerance for change. And then, we’ll determine the specifics.

If you’ve adopted Agile practices, roles, tools, and artifacts, but the way you work doesn’t feel particularly Agile to you, ask us for:

Agile Tune-Up (shallow): Realign your teams to the Agile mindset

Best for cost-conscious leaders who can apply corrective action with minimal guidance.


Typically includes a health check, suggestions for an effective roadmap to Agility, training (“Being Agile” and/or “Agile Engineering”), and a couple of days of coaching and facilitation.

Agile Makeover (deep): Reintegrate the mindset into framework and execution

Best for value-conscious leaders who minimize their teams’ tribulations through expert guidance and empathetic support.


Starts with a deep assessment of Agility and culture. May proceed with large-scale workshops for org and process design. If necessary and welcome, may proceed with training (“Being Agile”, “Pragmatic Scrum”, “Agile Engineering”, or “Grow A Solid Agile Team”). Continues with coaching and facilitation for teams and leadership. Our experts make sure to work themselves out of the job by helping you to arrive at an effective stable state.

If you’re on the right track with Agile and want to get more out of it (but you’re not sure how), we can help you:

Increase Agility: Strengthen the mindset, upgrade the skills, and improve the performance

Intended for leaders who love the change Agile has brought about, and want to do even better, but they don’t know what they don’t know.


Typically starts with an Agile health check. May proceed with mindset training (“Being Agile”, “Leading toward the Agile Mindset”) or role-specific training (“Grow A Solid Agile Team”, “Agile Engineering”). Continues with facilitation of necessary conversations, personal and team coaching, and support for leaders.

If you’d like to start on the right foot with the Agile mindset and useful modern practices, we can help you:

Start Agile (shallow): Prepare for an effective on-your-own start with Agile (both mindset and practices)

Best for cost-conscious leaders whose teams can run with Agile after only brief guidance.


Typically includes training (“Pragmatic Scrum”), some process and team design, and a couple of days of team and leadership coaching.

Establish Agile (deep): Create a true Agile transformation of culture, thinking, and execution

Best for value-conscious leaders who minimize their teams’ tribulations through expert guidance.


Typically starts with a comprehensive assessment of culture, needs, values, constraints, interpersonal dynamics, development and testing habits, and other matters that parlay into organizational success. Proceeds with process and team/organization design, deep cross-functional training, and a proper kick-off. Continues with coaching and facilitation to integrate new approaches and practices.

If your Scrum teams incur mounting technical debt and struggle to ship with confidence, ask us for:

Technical Agility: Establish Agile-friendly technical execution skills and habits

Typically starts with a technical health check and proceeds with high-level guidance, e.g. on testing strategy and Agility roadmap. Includes either experiential classroom training (“Agile Engineering”) or on-the-job skill and habit development (coaching and mob programming). May include weekly coaching for your engineering agility leadership team.