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Thinking of having an expert help out with a specific Agile-related need? Call on us.

Along the Agile journey, certain needs will arise for which training and coaching are not the best solutions. Even do-it-yourself companies sometimes appreciate an outsider’s involvement, especially someone who’s helped other companies in similar situations. Our popular services include:

Agile Assessment / Health Check

If your team’s performance has hit a plateau, or they’d like to be more Agile, we can help. We’ll assess the situation from all angles: the teams’ human makeup and current methods; working relationships and collaboration modes; management system and practices; value flow and business environment; technical debt and engineering practices. We’ll recommend a practical roadmap toward your desired goal, identify challenges, and discuss mitigation strategies. (We’re quick with this service; we won’t hang around for weeks, or tie up your people’s time in long meetings.)

Custom Process and Team Design

If you’d like to be Agile with your next major undertaking, but Scrum is not the best fit or your current setup is suboptimal, we’ll work with the key players on team and process design. We’ll help them pinpoint work values, elicit assumptions, and choose principles; we’ll support the design of a baseline process and team structure; and we’ll facilitate an effective kick-off.

Executive Briefing on Agile

If your executives want candid, realistic, and unbiased responses to their concerns, look no further. In this 2-3 hour session with your senior leadership, we’ll establish a shared, accurate understanding of the Agile paradigm; express the needs, expectations, pitfalls, and implications of an Agile transformation; and discuss workable strategies and tactics for leading the change.


Important: We are not affiliated with any large consulting group or certification scheme, so when we say unbiased, we mean unbiased.

Facilitation of Turnaround Events

If a key milestone of a large initiative is coming up, consider holding a plenary workshop before starting work on the next phase. The purpose may be to draw lessons from the last few months, to improve on some dimension of work, or to consider deep changes for the next few months.


Critical to this event is to get all the participants — not just management — to do the thinking, collaborating, and deciding. We’ve facilitated many such events, and even though they’re short (rarely longer than a day), they’ve all resulted in visible increases in engagement, satisfaction, and performance. If you want greater self-organization and empowerment, such an event is the best vehicle for your intent.


We will collaborate with you on planning a successful workshop: purpose, agenda, invitation, deliverables, process, etc. And if you prefer, we will facilitate it for you (such events must be led by experienced facilitators.)

"Have a SEAT" (Safe, Effective Agile Transformation)

If a part of your organization is about to experience an Agile transformation, how solid are your strategy and plan for it? You don’t need to plan the transformation, but you need to think it through — false starts, which are too common in our industry, are really hard to recover from and restart!


We only need to spend a few days with your people (and less than an hour with each one) to:


  • Give you a full analysis of all the risks and forces that could derail Agile
  • Determine the best-fit form of Lean/Agile that’s most likely to “stick”
  • Identify necessary conditions and support, along with realistic timeframes
  • Highlight areas for attention that have nothing to do with process (e.g., leadership, management system, technical concerns, relationships)

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