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Agile principles, like short cycles and close collaboration, make a lot of sense but are less than easy to implement. Some of the supporting practices, like test-driven development, are outright alien to many professionals. “Best practices” aren’t always the best if adopted independently of other practices and the overall Agile philosophy.

3P Vantage gets you started on the right foot. We’ve got you covered.


Discover all the risks and forces that could derail Agile. In Assess Agile Readiness, we cover:

  • working relationships
  • business-IT interaction
  • current process & practices
  • the development lifecycle
  • the codebase, etc.

We identify the best strategy, the most effective blend of Scrum, XP and Lean, and highlight areas for attention.

Agile Readiness Assessment


Minimize risk and set your project up for success with our Prep for Agile service:

  • determine methodology specifics
  • lay out project roadmap
  • optimize team composition
  • set up the environment
  • assess needs
Prep for Agile


Have your team(s) learn the Agile principles and practices in the most effective way: with an expert instructor who knows what works and what doesn’t. They will enjoy an customized, immersive course. Choose from:

Agile Training