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  • Assess Agile Readiness
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  • Secret Weapon


  • Start Agile
  • Do Agile
  • Adjust Agile
  • Agile Makeover
  • Be Agile
  • Amplify Agile
  • Technical Agility
  • Lead Agile
  • Propagate Agile


  • The Agile Mind-Set
  • Pragmatic Scrum
  • Agile Engineering
  • Agile Customer
  • Agile Testing
  • Grow A Solid Agile Team


Engage Gil Broza to speak about Agile, teamwork, and leadership. Your audience will enjoy a passionate speaker who gives them a lot to think about. Popular talks include:

“Individuals and Interactions: Ten Lessons from Putting People Before Process” (keynote)

“Great to see agile through people and not process as too many presentations do.”
“Very good and entertaining presentation — useful ideas on what works and what may not work.”
“A true pleasure to listen to your talk... your emphasis on the human aspects of Agile is so important.”


“Top Ten Attitudes to Abolish When Adopting Agile” (beginner & practicing)

“I thought your presentation was clear, concise and valuable.”
“Great talk yesterday. It resonated with many of the people who attended, and this is exactly what we want: to get more people become aware of how agility can make their business life better.”


“The Human Side of Agile Management” (beginner & practicing)

“I loved the presentation. I promise not to use the word 'resources' in respect to people from this point on!”
“I can count on one hand the number of presenters I have seen who were confident, professional, comfortable, and left me wanting more. Gil Broza, you inspired me. I really liked how you illustrated a facilitation technique. Many takeaways from this's presentation.” — Tony Chung


“Being Agile: Having the Mind-set that Delivers” (beginner & practicing)

“Excellent topic and well presented. Great interaction with the audience!”
“Great content that was delivered well. There was a lot here I will take back to my teams.”


“The 7 Drivers of Technical Agility: What You Must Do for Effective Long-Term Value Delivery” (practicing)

“Among the two best talks in this entire conference.”