Choosing an Agile service provider


Something Happened on the Way to Agile: Overcome common Agile challenges and concerns with this free 20-day mini-program. Comes with a complimentary subscription to the 3P Vantage Point ezine.

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If you like using Agile but the implementation isn’t delivering the results you hoped for, you’re not alone. 75% of Agile adopters report struggles, trouble and bounce-backs. Even though Agile sounds simple and sensible, it’s very hard to get right. Far more than the sum of its practices, Agile is truly about people, product and process.

Rely on 3P Vantage's proven ADAPTIVE© Agile Enablement System. Choose your program:

Adjust Agile:

  • Upgrade the skills
  • Recommend the process
  • Revisit the principles
  • Rewire the teams
  • Realign the cycles

Agile Tune-up
Best for cost-conscious leaders who can apply corrective action with minimal guidance.

Agile Makeover:

  • Assess the state
  • Reset the skills
  • Ground the methodology
  • Experience the mindset
  • Jell the community
  • Facilitate teamwork
  • Run with the project
  • Transform the performance
Fix Agile
Best for value-conscious leaders who minimize their teams’ tribulations through expert guidance.

Technical Agility:

  • Modernize technical skills
  • Educate the community
  • Embrace team agility
  • Practice the techniques
  • Develop safe coding habits
  • Vanquish technical debt
  • Abandon demo-driven development

Agile Tune-up
Designed for Scrum dev teams that incur mounting technical debt, struggle to ship regularly, and want their pride and confidence back.