The Human Side of Agile

Finally coming out in audio! See Gil's pre-launch specials below

In my quest to build engaged Agile teams and support leaders, I’m making my popular book The Human Side of Agile more accessible by producing it in audio!   While the audiobook is being recorded, I’m pre-launching it with specials aimed at providing greater value to you. During this limited time, you can get my guidance and advice in ways that are not usually available and for 50% off their would-be price. In-person services will be provided in early December, but this offer ends on November 26.   To benefit from this opportunity, choose your desired level of value from the following list and click the corresponding link to buy it. Details and logistics for each product/service appear below.

Audiobook: Take this practical guide on your Agile leadership journey and use it to support your teams on theirs. Our narrator Dan is recording all 10 hours of it now, and as soon the complete audiobook is ready, we’ll email you the download links. You’ll receive the e-book (in PDF, ~300 pages) immediately.   Individuals and Interactions: In this unique self-study course presented by Gil Broza, 11 world-renowned experts reveal exactly how they guide teams to be the best they can be — and how you can too. Among the guests are Johanna Rothman, Christopher Avery, and Ellen Gottesdiener. This course includes 10 hours of recorded interviews and their transcripts, and awards 10 PDUs upon completion. You’ll receive immediate access to this course.   Personal coaching: Would you like to be more effective in an Agile setting? to grow as a leader, communicator, change agent, or facilitator? or perhaps to adjust your career trajectory? In this one-hour, confidential phone session, Gil will help you move forward. Sessions will take place on December 1 and 4, 2017 between 9 and 5 Eastern time (you’ll book your session at the time of purchase.)   Agile team Q&A with Gil: Is your team looking for candid, expert answers or advice to improve their Agile implementation? Get Gil to spend one hour on a conference call with your team and discuss anything that’s on their minds. Sessions will take place on December 5-8, 2017 between 9 and 5 Eastern time (we’ll contact you to schedule the exact time.)

All prices in Canadian dollars (C $1 =~ US $0.80, GBP 0.60, euro 0.70) Dismiss

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