Before you fix or upgrade your Agile implementation


There are many pitfalls and low-success strategies to avoid on the way to better agility. Here are just a few:


  • Putting people through commodity “training and coaching”
  • Trying harder to follow a prepackaged Agile framework or so-called “best practices”
  • Management (or a centre of excellence) designing the next version and then telling teams how it’s gonna be


Gil Broza is putting together a video that explains what works and what doesn’t and why, based on 17 years of successfully helping dozens of organizations.


The video isn’t quite ready, but you have a need and an interest, so here’s an alternative. Schedule a 15-minute chat with Gil and he’ll explain what to do and what to avoid (being a conversation, he can put them in your context). No strings attached, and this won’t put you on any list. If you can’t find an appropriate time in Gil’s calendar, email him.

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