Gil Broza interviewing Chris Sterling: Agility for the Long Haul (1-hour audio)

Interested in keeping high performance and agility for the long haul? Want to have a more collaborative and healthy relationship between business and technology? This interview will give you a lot to think about.

Gil interviewed Chris about:

  • Why current Agile team performance does not guarantee future organizational results
  • What it takes to optimize across the entire value chain
  • Which visibility matters across dependent teams and projects
  • How to speak in dollars and dates without going against Agile principles
  • Strategies for integrating quality in the business decision making process
  • How to destroy Agility without even trying


Both Chris and Gil have a long history supporting large Agile transformations. They had this conversation in late 2011, before standardized scaling started dominating the industry. You’ll hear many interesting, unbiased perspectives on large and sustained Agile.