“Individuals and Interactions” Virtual Training

Gil Broza hosting a structured series of interviews with 11 experts on how to put people before process for outstanding results.

Despite Agile’s 20-year track record and wildfire-like spread, its human dimension still proves tricky. The results are showing, as too many teams and leaders accomplish far less than their potential. Most are aware of the challenges but not how to overcome them.

This virtual training consists of 10 hours of interviews Gil has had with 11 outstanding authors, mentors, executives, leaders, facilitators, innovators, coaches, and practitioners. Every one of them has been putting people before process in knowledge work for over 20 years.

You know many of these experts from books, conferences, and webinars — they are the real deal. When you hear them speak, you sense their empathy. Other guests are dedicated leaders who seldom speak publicly about their work. All have accepted Gil’s invitation to this platform to share their learning, and you have the special opportunity to meet them.

You’ll be happy you listened to these folks, because you’ll …

  • Identify and solve problems better, since every problem is a people problem
  • Be able to increase productivity (process improvements will only get you so far)
  • Shorten the journey to success with Agile, which is neither short nor easy
  • Discover ways to reduce your stress and workload (for real)


This 10-hour virtual training is only ~US$14 (or US$19 if you’d like to have the transcripts as well.) It awards 10 PDUs.

Click here for the full description and to buy your copy.

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