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Improve your value delivery

Improve your value delivery

Senior tech leader, of all the improvements you could make now to value delivery, which are the most strategic, realistic, and impactful?

The answer requires a holistic look at Product Development – your company’s value delivery system that extends from idea to production.

It turns out that only 10 specific strategies are needed to optimize a system’s fitness for purpose (how well it helps the company achieve its vision and objectives). Even better news: these strategies are incremental. You need to execute only two or three new strategies to level up.

Here, you’ll learn about all 10 and which of them apply to where you are now — whether your system is product- or project-oriented, traditional or agile.

Using this tool is completely confidential. We don’t store any of your inputs, and can’t identify you.

Expect to take only 5-10 minutes to use it. And the first time, another 5-10 minutes to understand how it works.

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