InfoQ Interview with Gil Broza on the Agile Mindset (12-min video)

At Agile2015, Shane Hastie of InfoQ interviewed Gil just as his book, The Agile Mind-Set, came out. Watch this interview  (or download in mp3) for some candid opinions on why Agile implementations aren’t working out.

In this short interview, Gil and Shane talked about:

  • Why it was high time to define the Agile mind-set in detail, rather than keep referring practitioners and managers to the Agile Manifesto or to Scrum
  • The key elements of a mind-set, and the straight line of thinking between the work’s objectives and our choice of practices and process
  • Tackling typical challenges with Agile
  • Gil’s view on the world’s rush to adopt Agile (FYI his view hasn’t changed since that interview took place in the summer of 2015)


Check out the interview here.

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