Gil Broza interviewing Michael Bolton: “Is There a Problem Here?” (1-hour audio)

How should we think about software testing? The decades-old standard answer — involving requirements, defects, and test plans — has left us with limited options, and it’s even less helpful in Agile settings. Regardless of your role in software development, listen carefully to Gil’s interview with Michael Bolton, and your approach to testing will never be the same again.

In this interview, Gil asked Michael many questions. Some were his own, and many were contributed by testers, test managers, and developers who had registered to listen to the interview. Some of the topics and concepts they talked about are:

  • The testing frame of mind and its alignment with Agile
  • Viewing testing with the lens of an Agile mindset
  • The tester as an agent of the Agile team and an extension of the client’s senses
  • Coverage, time constraints, regression testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • Test automation misconceptions
  • Succeeding as a tester


This interview took place in 2010, but its messages are as relevant and thought-provoking as they were back then!



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