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Agile in Your Context

Customized expert support for reaching your Agile-related objectives

Despite the wide availability of Agile know-how — courses, books, certifications, conferences, experienced people — most Agile implementations are not yielding their intended outcomes.


Leaders in those organizations were attracted to Agile methods, believing they would deliver better results on shorter schedules, increase visibility, enable reliable planning, and allow rapid change — all of which are true. However, despite all the sprints, demos, and other “best practices,” their reality is quite different. They are trying to keep the ship afloat, as executives and stakeholders hold them accountable for teams who supposedly make all the decisions now. The state of things leaves a lot to be desired, but they’re not sure how to effectively and efficiently improve matters.


Becoming Agile is a journey, and for most organizations, it’s the deepest change they’ll ever undergo. Process and tools are not enough, and not even particularly important. Success with Agile is fully the result of human-related matters such as mindset, culture, and leadership.


We help our clients with Right-Fit Agile, the system we’ve honed over more than a decade working with close to 100 organizations. First, we map the journey, charting a promising evolutionary path to Agility based on a holistic view, existing capabilities, and contextual choices. Second, we prepare the people, getting teams, stakeholders, and all leaders mentally ready to reach the first milestone together. And then we optimize the path, minimizing risk, time, and headache as people learn — on their real work — how to make Agile-minded choices.


If you engage us, Gil Broza will be the primary service provider, and the same people will continue to serve you even across years. At your preference, we’ll deliver the service either on your premises or online at the same quality.


Here is a recent example of helping a major Canadian corporation establish an Agile culture, and an example of helping a technology program at a bank for which popular frameworks weren’t appropriate.


Let Gil help you consider your options, no strings attached. Schedule a call here.

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