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Coaching Programs

Customized programs that help you reach your Agile-related objectives with minimal risk and thrashing.

For most organizations, the Agile journey is the deepest change they’ll ever undergo. Sending a few people off to a class, or bringing a coach in for a couple of days, cannot catalyze that kind of change.


We derive all our programs from ADAPTIVE©, the Agile transformation system we’ve honed over the last 10 years from working with close to 100 organizations. Whether you invest a lot or a little, we’ll give you a customized, balanced, stepwise program that maximizes your investment. You can relax, knowing that all our people are experienced in enterprise Agile and team coaching, training, and facilitation. We will support you with pragmatic, modern, respectful guidance. On every engagement, Gil Broza will be the primary service provider, and the same people will continue to serve you even across years.


Here is a recent example of helping a major Canadian corporation establish an Agile culture, and an example of helping a technology group for which popular frameworks weren’t appropriate.


We’ll start our conversation by choosing the program based on your starting point, investment, and tolerance for change. Then, we’ll determine the specifics. At your preference, we’ll deliver the program either on your premises or online at the same quality.

If your Agile transformation is progressing slowly, haphazardly, or not at all, ask us for:

Agile Alignment: Solidify teams' and leadership's understanding of the Agile mindset

Best for cost-conscious leaders who can apply corrective action with minimal guidance.


After a quick but meaningful health check, we co-create an effective roadmap to Agility. We provide necessary refresher/advanced training (“Being Agile”, “Leading in Agile”, and/or “Agile Engineering”), and round off our guidance with a few of days of leadership coaching and facilitation.

Agile Makeover (deeper): Embrace the mindset across the value stream

Best for value-conscious leaders who want to ensure a successful transformation.


The first step is a current-state analysis of culture, process, and agility. If needed, the second step includes large-scale workshops for org and process design. Next, we fill education gaps (“Being Agile”, refresher “Pragmatic Scrum”, “Leading in Agile”, or “Amplifying Collaboration and Agile Teamwork”). We continue with several weeks of coaching and facilitation for teams and leadership. Our experts work themselves out of the job by helping you to arrive at an effective stable state.


Read an example of helping a technology group (at a bank) that needed a customized Agile implementation.

If the basics are in place and you want to get more out of Agile (but are not sure how), we can help you:

Increase Agility: Strengthen the mindset, upgrade the skills, and improve the results

Intended for leaders who love the change Agile has brought about, and want to do even better with the guidance of an external expert.


Based on the results of a quick Agility assessment, we might proceed with mindset training (“Being Agile”, “Leading in Agile”) and/or role-specific training (“Amplifying Collaboration and Agile Teamwork”, “Agile Engineering”). We quickly segue to facilitation of necessary change conversations, coaching individuals and teams, and support for leaders up to the highest levels. Our engagement will likely be a couple of days per month, and spread out over even a couple of years so you always have external professional support.


Read a case study describing how this program helped a major corporation establish an Agile culture.

Achieve Continuous Delivery: Make the changes that enable delivery of a regular stream of value

Intended for leaders who strive for faster learning and adaptation, and realize that the path there involves more than DevOps and test automation.


Based on the results of a value stream, build pipeline, and culture assessment, we’ll co-create an effective roadmap to achieving continuous delivery. We’ll fill education gaps (typically “Agile Engineering” and “Being Agile”). We’ll support individual contributors in establishing the technical foundation and the engineering discipline, and we’ll support leaders in upgrading the cultural foundation. This program usually takes 12-24 months: a few concentrated days at the beginning, and one day every few weeks thereafter.

If you’re getting seriously into Agile (whether in software development or not) and looking for a practical, modern, customized Agile application, we can help you:

Start Agile: Prepare for an effective on-your-own start with Agile (both mindset and practices)

Best for cost-conscious leaders whose teams can run with Agile after only brief guidance.


Typically includes training (“Pragmatic Scrum”), some process and team design, and a couple of days of team and leadership coaching.

Establish Agile (deeper): Create a true Agile transformation of culture, thinking, and execution

Best for value-conscious leaders who minimize their teams’ and stakeholders’ tribulations through expert guidance.


We start with a comprehensive assessment of culture, needs, values, constraints, interpersonal dynamics, development and testing habits, and other matters that inform the next step: process customization and team/organization design. We proceed with deep cross-functional training and a proper kick-off. We then provide several weeks of coaching and facilitation to integrate new approaches, practices, and habits.

If your Scrum/SAFe teams incur mounting technical debt and struggle to ship with confidence, ask us for:

Technical Agility: Establish Agile-friendly technical execution skills and habits

Based on our technical health check, we co-determine a Technical Agility roadmap for best results. Actions may include defining a testing strategy, establishing proper CI and tooling, and overhauling code reviews. We’ll likely provide experiential classroom training (“Agile Engineering”) and on-the-job skill and habit development (coaching and mob programming). We will also help you establish a Technical Agility stewardship team and support it on an on-going basis such as every two weeks.

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