Wanted: Great Agile Teams

If you’re the ScrumMaster, leader, or manager of an Agile team, what are you there to do?

My answer is: help the team become great and stay great.

Meaning what?

I want your team to contribute to business outcomes and to make a meaningful difference, not only to produce outputs (user stories in the “done” column).

I want your team to collaborate with their customers and stakeholders on worthwhile problems and solutions, as opposed to being a group of busy order-takers.

I want your team to be smarter than each of the members, instead of limited to individual abilities.

I want your team to be resilient and adaptive, rather than preoccupied with optimizing their process.

See, I set the bar high. I don’t want to settle for an okay team, or worse, a team of so-called “resources” who apply technical skills within some standardized process.

I want a great (or “solid”) team because it is valuable to the business and a pleasure to its members. A great team can help the organization adapt to difficult situations, rather than become the victim of such situations. Such a team is an integral part of the organization accomplishing its purpose.

And why do I care about helping teams become great? Because I’m on a mission to make the world of software development effective, humane, and responsible. It’s so not there yet.

So, if you’re the ScrumMaster, leader, or manager, how do you do all that?

Leading your team to greatness requires diverse knowledge and skills. “Agile coaching” is necessary but not sufficient. You need to be able to facilitate collaboration and reflection. Also critical are communication skills, from getting your point across to giving feedback to opening minds. Surrounding all that are attitude and mindset. And getting there is a matter of continuous learning, practice, and personal growth. This is a lot, because growing solid Agile teams is a multi-disciplinary endeavour. I can help — contact me.

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