“Packing List for Your Agile Journey” Virtual Training

Gil Broza and 10 industry leaders share the key concepts they consider for an organization’s Agile journey.

You know that Agile is more than meetings, artifacts, and process. You know that an Agile journey bears more resemblance to Columbus’s voyage than to a drive around town. But what is actually involved in becoming Agile? Which aspects matter a lot more than others? And why is it that most organizations adopt Agile, but only a few seem to get the amazing results that were promised?

In this 10-hour virtual training, Gil Broza interviews 10 outstanding authors, mentors, executives, innovators, and practitioners. Every one of them has played a leading role in several successful Agile journeys.

You know some of these experts from books, conferences, and webinars. Other guests are accomplished practitioners who seldom speak publicly about their work. All of them are the real deal. And they have accepted Gil’s invitation to this platform to share their knowledge and experience with you. You will receive real, unbiased education.

The agenda:

  1. Nick Oddson: “Organizational Support: Actions Speak Louder than Words”
  2. Tricia Broderick: “A Team-Friendly Environment: Making Collaboration Possible” — Listen to an excerpt (duration: 5m 18s)
  3. Ted Young: “Stop Sprinting, Start Iterating: Embracing Uncertainty and Learning”
  4. Andrew McGlinchey: “Whole Product Thinking: More than a Backlog of Features”
  5. Paul Carvalho: “A Quality Mind-set: Beyond Defects and Automated Tests”
  6. Arlo Belshee: “Technical Excellence: Changing the Rules of the Development Game”
  7. Johanna Rothman: “The Get-to-Done Mentality: Finish What You Start”
  8. Dan Mezick: “Cultural Fit: Can You Handle the Truth?” — Listen to an excerpt (duration: 4m 10s)
  9. Guy Nachimson: “Embracing Change: Turning the One Constant from Foe to Friend”
  10. Ken Rubin: “The Agile Principles and Values: Doing What Really Matters” — Listen to an excerpt (duration: 4m 59s)


You’ll be happy you listened to these folks, because you’ll …

  • Receive tons of information and advice, which will be useful and applicable wherever you are on your Agile journey
  • Explore both principles and practices – both what successful teams and organizations do and why they succeed
  • Understand just how deep/extreme Agile gets, and the corresponding risks and rewards
  • Shorten the journey to success with Agile, which is neither short nor easy


This training costs about the same as an audiobook. Click here to buy this 10-hour virtual training for only ~US$14 or here to have the transcripts as well for a total of US$19 (in which case you also receive a 50% discount coupon for Gil’s other virtual training, Individuals and Interactions).


This series of interviews was broadcast live between March 17 and 21, 2014. Here are a few of the rave testimonials we’ve received:


“The Agile Journey series was well worth my time. I wrote over 35 pages of hand written notes… What I liked best was the real life experiences and observations about the ongoing challenges of implementing organizational Agile. I appreciated Gil’s calm and cool demeanor in probing questions to break complexities into digestible issues. Gil’s questions encouraged the guests to think deeply about some of the ongoing issues of adopting Agile practices.” — Frank Mangini, Agile/Lean Project Management Instructor, UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley, California


Thank you Gil for putting this on! I really enjoyed it and you did a great job hosting! All the interviews helped me and were interesting. From each one, I learned something new, confirmed what I have experienced, and extended my knowledge.” Steven Adams, Fremont, California


“The conversational interview nature of this training is much more engaging than just about any classroom training I’ve attended. It makes it really easy to pay attention and get good value.” — Adam Myhr, Software Developer

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