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Agile for Non-Software Teams

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About the book

Have you considered adopting an Agile way of working in your non-software team?

Business agility does not mean using the same processes and practices as your development and IT teams. In fact, the specific practices don’t matter. Being agile is a way of thinking and making choices that can benefit marketing, HR, finance, all parts of the business.

This practical book will help you to…

  • Decide where and how an Agile approach can help you serve the business better
  • Customize and regularly improve an Agile way of working without needing to be a process expert
  • Avoid the many pitfalls that lead to mediocre performance or bounce-backs
  • Feel confident about your choices, even if they are different from what your tech colleagues use

Written by Gil Broza, an Agile expert since 2004 and the founder at 3P Vantage.

What readers are saying

This book is at the center of how we teach Lean and Agile foundations today. It really helps the conversations with teams that aren’t software teams to get people to understand how it fits with their context.

~ Enterprise Agile Transformation Leader, Fortune 100 company

I wish such a resource had been available at the start of our transformation!

~ Heather Francis, Head of Transformation, Roche Canada

This book is a practical, well-written, and immediately applicable guide to becoming more agile in a non-software context. Complete with helpful examples, just enough theory, and down-to-earth prose, reading it is like having the author sit down with you over coffee and help you chart a pragmatic path to agility that’s right for your unique business context.

~ Jorgen Hesselberg, author of Unlocking Agility

Gil has managed to make Agile accessible to everyone.

~ Sandy Mamoli, author of Creating Great Teams, Nomad8

Despite emerging in the technology domain, there is nothing exclusively tech about Agile.

~ Evan Leybourn, Founder and CEO, Business Agility Institute