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Public courses & events

Public courses & workshops

Workshop: Deliver Better Results with Gil Broza

This one is for you if you need to deliver better products sooner, but real improvement has been elusive or glacial despite using common frameworks, practices, and tools. With Gil’s personal guidance, develop a viable, actionable, and efficient roadmap to your vision. Five sessions of two hours each, spread out over two weeks.

The next offering will be in the second half of 2024, possibly early if the waitlist fills up quickly. Would you like to get on the waitlist? Let us know.



Course: Practical Agile Leadership with Gil Broza

Comprehensive guidance on improving team health, Agility, and delivery. If you’re accountable for the well-being and performance of one or more teams and looking to increase your contribution as a leader, this practical training is for you. This promise is for real: we’ve already taught over 100 Agile leadership courses and coached hundreds of middle managers in dozens of Agile journeys.

The next offering hasn’t been scheduled yet. Would you like to be notified when registration opens? Let us know.

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Gil Broza’s Books

New book: Deliver Better Results


Pragmatic, people-first, holistic guidance for delivering better results


Inspiring experiences that change mindset, develop skills, and catalyze action


Expert consulting and facilitation for high-stakes needs


Training opportunities (online and in-person) with Gil Broza