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Helping leaders whose agile implementation isn’t delivering the agility their business needs

Why you're in good hands with 3P Vantage

You won’t need to look for additional Agile specialists. We have the expertise for mapping the journey, preparing the people, and optimizing the path. You’ll get full service from us on all Agile-related dimensions: teams, leadership, culture, development, planning, and product. We have the respect and ears of developers, executives, and business people alike.


You won’t hear us parroting stock solutions. We’re not a generalist management consultancy, Scrum Masters or process coaches for hire, a Big Name on the Agile bandwagon, or a purveyor of certifications. Helping you create healthy Agile environments that really work is what we do. Everyone we assign to your engagement is an expert who is also a continuous learner and active contributor to the Agile community. Gil Broza, for example, has been a three-time track chair at the most important annual conference on Agile.


We won’t dump big reports on you and walk away. You are in charge of your destiny and you’ll have to live with it, so we don’t prescribe it. We’ll advise, coach, inform, suggest, support, and evaluate as necessary to empower you to make your best choices.


We are pragmatic. We don’t assign coaches who never give you answers, consultants who solve everything with Scrum/SAFe/Kanban, or anyone who thinks there can be “best practices” in an Agile context. We want you to succeed with a form of Agile that works for you.


We’ll tailor our style to the situation. Chances are, your people will respond best to a mix of “done by you” (facilitation), “done for you” (consulting), and “done with you” (coaching). So we’ll work accordingly.


Your teams will keep delivering all along the journey. Clearly, work doesn’t stop, and your obligations still stand as the teams learn better ways. Our strategies and approaches integrate into your reality.


Consistently, our clients have delivered valuable results early, boosted their productivity, and increased their teams’ engagement. They are not looking back. Would you like to partner with us and enjoy the same results?


Contact us today.

Our promise to you

We are professional, experienced, consistent, flexible and reliable.


We are responsive in our interactions and responsible in our actions.


We will get results respectfully and collaboratively.


We will maximize your investment’s value by minimizing the risk and the time-frame to achieving your agility goals.


If you ever feel we’ve fallen short of these promises, tell us and we’ll fix things.

Our approach to Agility

True to Agile’s priorities, we put people first, product second, and process third. (By the way, that’s where “3P” comes from.)


We know that proper Agile requires both mindset and behaviours, and you must adopt both simultaneously and gradually. That’s hard, and we’ll support you.


We see the value in standard approaches, but we’ll recommend them only if they truly fit your situation.


We’re intentionally unaffiliated with the big players in the Agile world, so we can give you what you need, not necessarily what’s popular or certifiable. 


Want to learn more about our approach, Right-Fit Agile? Watch this video.


Interested in a detailed case study of how we’ve helped establish an Agile culture? Read this.

Who we are

Gil Broza is 3P Vantage’s founder and principal mindset & leadership expert. His breadth and depth of knowledge, skills and experience will address all your Agile enablement needs. Close to 100 organizations seeking Agile transformations, makeovers, or improvements have relied on his pragmatic, modern, and respectful support for customizing Agile in their contexts. Our other coaches/trainers are all expert independents who have collaborated with Gil for years and who will take equally good care of you. On all engagements, Gil will be your main service provider.

Gil’s popular book The Agile Mind-Set explains how practitioners approach their work to get amazing results. His previous best-seller The Human Side of Agile is the definitive practical guide to leading Agile teams in the real world. His newest book Agile for Non-Software Teams provides a pathway for considering, designing, starting, growing, and maintaining Agile outside of software/IT. He has been a regular contributor and coaching track chair for the Agile series of conferences, a sought-after speaker for other industry events and groups, and a host of numerous public webinars about Agility. Gil lives in Toronto, Canada.


For a taste of his approach click here.


Our clients

Here is a partial list of recent clients that have found our services valuable:

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