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Privacy Policy

In plain English (“minimum viable policy”)


We treat you as we would want to be treated. Therefore, we don’t do anything with your data that a reasonable, ethical, privacy-minded individual would consider wrong, unethical, or dishonest. More specifically:


  • We will never share/sell/rent or knowingly expose your data in any way.
  • We will never spam you.
  • We will never knowingly permit malware or viruses.
  • We always receive your intentional, explicit consent before communicating electronically with you, and you can always opt out quickly and easily. We have been CASL-compliant for years.
  • We don’t keep any datum about you that you have not shared with us voluntarily, e.g., through our websites, LinkedIn/Twitter, or a business interaction.
  • We rely on third-party cloud-based systems and their security and privacy mechanisms, extending their privacy policies to you: iContact for mailing list subscriptions, IONOS for website visits, WooCommerce/PayPal/Stripe for your purchases, and Google Analytics free services. Only those third parties receive your credit card data when you purchase something.


Any questions or concerns, please contact Gil Broza.

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