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Improving value delivery

The Agile journey — as a means to improving value delivery — is the deepest change your organization will ever undergo. It’s not simple; if all it took were processes and tools, every organization would be quite agile by now. Instead, success with Agile depends fully on human matters such as leadership, mindset, and culture.

We can help you move from your current point to productive, effective, healthy agility without the trouble most organizations encounter: false starts, wasted time, and lost goodwill. Using our proven Right-Fit Agile approach, we will help you map the journey, prepare the people, and optimize the path.


Change mindset, develop skills, and catalyze action — at all organizational levels.

We are not a generic training company. Before a course, we’ll customize the agenda to your needs and current proficiency, and after the course, we’ll support the learners in applying the concepts. Every one of our trainers is an industry thought leader with a balanced record of training, coaching, consulting, and facilitation in Agile. All our courses are experiential, engaging, and use our unique exercises. We continuously keep the material current with Agile and product development thinking.

Specialized Support

Some parts of the Agile journey may be pretty straightforward: cross-functional teams, process, tooling. Everything else usually calls for specialized support. Take advantage of our unbiased expertise, built over two decades, to move the Agile needle.


Delivering better results requires people to act differently. That’s not just a matter of using tools and techniques; they need to think differently. In a short talk, Gil Broza will prompt a shift in thinking — for teams and leadership alike.