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Engage Gil Broza to speak about real-world meaningful agility and how to get there.

Looking for a mindset-shifting keynote for your internal conference or management off-site? Needing to inspire both technical and non-technical audiences, with content customized for maximum relevance, and to support the leaders in implementing the message? Get Gil Broza.



Keynote options

Get your mind set on Agile


Agile can help you achieve better business outcomes, and it’s not just for techies. Contrary to popular belief, however, you’re unlikely to create agility merely by implementing practices and tools. Instead, it’s the mindset – the subjective and abstract choices you and others make as you work – that will produce agility. Gil will make the mindset tangible and share practical strategies for adopting it.

Individuals and Interactions: Ten Lessons from Putting People Before Process


For decades, most technology businesses have considered standardized processes to be a key ingredient to their success. Other enterprises made a different assumption: that cultivating their staff and growing teams, who would own their processes, was a better enabler of success. Agile, which has been in substantial use for the last 15 years, is an example of such a mind-set. Truly valuing individuals and interactions over processes and tools is challenging, yet many organizations have made it work. Along the way, they’ve discovered necessary conditions for sustaining people-first environments, as well as a host of surprising benefits that carry over to all forms of knowledge work. In this talk, Gil Broza will share the top 10 lessons of putting people before process, learned from real-world Agile implementations.

Sample testimonials from previous audiences

“Loved everything about it! Good, practical tools and information, excellent delivery, good sense of humour.”


“I can count on one hand the number of presenters I have seen who were confident, professional, comfortable, and left me wanting more. Gil Broza, you inspired me. I really liked how you illustrated a facilitation technique. Many takeaways from this presentation.”


“I recommend Gil Broza as a speaker on the topic of creating lasting transformational change. Gil gets his message across clearly and enthusiastically. He takes the time to answer questions fully. Gil’s goal is to make his audience feel comfortable and equipped to take a different view on what was previously axiomatic. He succeeds.”


“I loved the presentation. I promise not to use the word ‘resources’ in respect to people from this point on!”


“Excellent topic and well presented. Great interaction with the audience!”


“Great content that was delivered well. There was a lot here I will take back to my teams.”


“Very thorough, super organized, good message and points.”


“Great to see Agile through people and not process as too many presentations do.”


“Very good and entertaining presentation — useful ideas on what works and what may not work.”


“A true pleasure to listen to your talk… your emphasis on the human aspects of Agile is so important.”


“The presentation was clear, concise and valuable.”


“No boring moments. Provided ideas I can apply today.”


“Great talk. It resonated with many of the people who attended, and this is exactly what we want: to get more people become aware of how agility can make their business life better.”

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