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How to fix your product development problems

A special 20-minute read will show you which changes to make now for effective, efficient, and sustainable improvement.

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Value Delivery & Leadership Expert,
Author, Speaker

Deliver better results

Rely on us to help you upgrade your system of value delivery so it’s more fit for purpose and produces fewer business consequences.

We know that effective product development and solution delivery is a matter of both mindset and behaviours, and you must change both simultaneously and gradually. That’s hard, but we’ll support you along the journey.

We’ll use our proven journey-leadership approach, which puts people first, product second, and process third. (By the way, that’s where “3P” comes from.)

We see value in standard frameworks, but we’ll recommend them only if they truly fit your situation.

We’re intentionally unaffiliated with the big players in the Agile world, so we can give you what you need, not necessarily what’s popular or certifiable.

More than 100 organizations have relied on our guidance.

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Improving value delivery

Need to upgrade your way of working? Are the sprints, boards, demos, and other “best practices” not producing the results you need?

Get Right-Fit Agile

Specialized support

Have an important need that you want to address quickly?
The budget’s enough only for in-and-out consulting?

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Looking for a practical, modern, relevant course for teams or leaders – one that will really have them think and act differently?

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Looking for a mindset-shifting keynote for your next conference – one that will inspire both technical and non-technical audiences?

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Why work with us?

Proven approach

Create meaningful changes instead of surface-level ones that don’t stick long-term.

Full service

Advance your teams, leadership, culture, development, planning, and product without hiring/managing multiple consultants.

Pragmatic guidance

Establish ways of working that are appropriate for your context – instead of one size fits none.

Progressive thinking

Base your choices on the current state of the art – not on what made sense in the ‘90s.

Humanistic touch

Enable everyone to come along willingly and to collaborate despite differences.

Efficient investment

Achieve and maintain great results efficiently with our unique engagement model.

New workshop: Deliver Better Results

Develop a viable and actionable roadmap to fixing your product development and delivery problems.

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The Agile Mind-Set

An Agile process alone does not guarantee great results. To succeed with Agile, the right mind-set must permeate all your actions.

The Human Side
of Agile

The definitive practical guide to leading Agile teams to greatness.

Agile for
Non-Software Teams

How to design, start, grow, and sustain an Agile way of working for your unique context.