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The Agile Mind-Set

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An Agile process alone does not guarantee great results. To succeed with Agile, the right mind-set must permeate all your actions. Pragmatic, method-agnostic, and easy to follow, this book illuminates the adaptive, people-before-process Agile approach that delights customers with reliable value delivery. Unlike most books, which prescribe what to do, this one explains how to think and make choices in an Agile way. Written by Gil Broza, founder at 3P Vantage and an Agile coach/trainer/facilitator since 2004 (and a manager and senior developer for several years prior to that.)

“Gil Broza’s book has the tools, options, and practices to help people start, restart, think, rethink, grow, and improve their implementation of Agile by grasping the underpinning mind-set.” – Gunther Verheyen, Shepherding Professional Scrum at Scrum.org

“Gil Broza is a kindred spirit to the pioneers of the Agile movement. He reminds us of the core values, principles, and behaviors of this enduring effort to bring joy and delight to producing software. To those new to the pursuit, he brings a lantern for the journey.” – Rich Sheridan, CEO, Menlo Innovations

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Almost every chapter in the book comes with free additional resources to help you implement its ideas. There are checklists, posters, worksheets, and more.

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