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An Agile process alone does not guarantee great results. To succeed with Agile, the right mind-set must permeate all your actions. Pragmatic, method-agnostic, and easy to read, this book illuminates the adaptive, people-before-process Agile approach that delights customers with reliable value delivery.

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Too often we focus on implementation, process, and logistics without considering the broader context. –Cameron Turner, Engineering Director, D2L



The Agile Mind-Set explains the piece of the Agile puzzle that most organizations are missing. –Roger Brown, Agile Coach, Agile Crossing



This book urgently needs to be read by leaders and managers who plan to hop onto the Agile bandwagon. It will help you see through the briar-patch of branded services and ossified processes, to the original intent of ‘Agile.’ –Rob Myers, Principal Coach/Instructor, Agile Institute



Gil Broza’s book has the tools, options, and practices to help people start, restart, think, rethink, grow, and improve their implementation of Agile by grasping the underpinning mind-set. –Gunther Verheyen, Shepherding Professional Scrum at Scrum.org



I return to The Agile Mind-Set repeatedly for inspiration and guidance, and always come away with a constructive way of approaching a challenging situation. –Michael Goitein, Principal Project Manager, Mobiquity



I want to give this book to every executive and manager who asks why the transition is taking so long. I also recommend it for all Agile practitioners as a valuable source of insight beyond the processes and techniques described in other books. –Roger Brown



Gil Broza is a kindred spirit to the pioneers of the Agile movement. He reminds us of the core values, principles, and behaviors of this enduring effort to bring joy and delight to producing software. To those new to the pursuit, he brings a lantern for the journey. –Rich Sheridan, CEO, Menlo Innovations



The book’s forewords are by Jim Highsmith and Linda Rising.



Gil Broza has been helping organizations increase their business agility since 2004. Through coaching, training, and facilitation, he supports leaders in building engaged teams that live the Agile values and principles and reap their benefits. His other popular book are The Human Side of Agile: How to Lead Agile Teams and Agile for Non-Software Teams: A Practical Guide for Your Journey.