Make Your Daily Standup Meeting Matter


Does any of the following apply in your team?


  • Some people consider the standup a status meeting
  • Team members use the meeting as an excuse to complain about other aspects of Agile
  • You conduct it daily, according to its popular three-question format, but it doesn’t seem to add much value


If so, download Gil Broza’s no-fluff “Daily Standup Revitalizer” cheat sheet. It contains a non-prescriptive approach to this meeting, teamwork-friendly process options, and tips for handling common problems and red flags.


While you’re here: Are you familiar with Gil’s book The Agile Mind-Set? If you’re skeptical of so-called “Agile best practices,” this book will take you on an exploration of what it’s like to be Agile without prescribing any particular practice or structure. (If you’re just now getting started with Agile, check out Agile for Non-Software Teams first. It’s totally applicable to software pursuits as well, but it doesn’t make them the primary model to emulate.)

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