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Are you aware of Gil’s highly regarded books, The Human Side of Agile and The Agile Mind-Set? Check them out at these links.

“I’ve rarely seen so much useful, concrete advice packaged in such a simple and accessible way.”

— Henrik Kniberg, Agile coach, author, Scrum and XP from the Trenches and Lean from the Trenches

“This book urgently needs to be read by leaders and managers who plan to hop onto the Agile bandwagon. It will help you see through the briar-patch of branded services and ossified processes, to the original intent of ‘Agile’.”

— Rob Myers, Principal Coach/Instructor, Agile Institute

“I was concerned that a book about the human aspects of Agile might be too fuzzy, impractical, and unhelpful. However, Gil has handled the topic expertly by giving sound advice, using relevant examples, and has done so in a format that I can see myself returning to again and again as I navigate my way through an Agile world.”

Dan Snyder, ScrumMaster

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