Be intentional about your mindset


Your team or organization wants to be agile. But what does that mean? How to fit agile concepts to your unique context? What needs to change? What should people buy in to? How can you tell that the mindset has changed?


Too many organizations and leaders answer these questions on a tactical level. They think in terms of frameworks, processes, “best practices,” roles, tools, and artifacts, and do little to change mindset. They find themselves going through the motions of some Checklist Agile, with little improvement to business outcomes.


The most critical part of Agile is its mindset, and our experience shows that being intentional about mindset leads to better outcomes. Try our simple process for intentionally choosing appropriate methods for your upcoming initiative, and save considerable grief throughout its lifecycle. Download our free poster for the information, and use it in leadership discussions, kickoffs, and continuous improvement.

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