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Are you a senior leader in a fast-growing tech company?


Agility was vital for getting your startup to its current state. With the company scaling up now, how are you maintaining Agility?


The recent tech hiring spree and our engagements with several Canadian unicorns have prompted us to look into what the industry does on that front.


We identified a ubiquitous pitfall: By not accounting properly for agility when implementing common growth strategies, leaders inadvertently impact business outcomes and their scaleup’s continued success.


To help, Gil Broza has written a report that explains the problem, articulates the organizational dynamics that create and compound it, and provides recommendations for preventing and overcoming the issues.


“Moving from startup to scaleup is a hard transition, and there is a lot in this report to help leaders through.” — VP of R&D Operations


Interested? Ask Gil for the report. This won’t put you on any marketing list.

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