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Deliver Better Results

About the book

Are you worried that your team’s products and solutions don’t meet customer and business needs as well as they should? Are you frustrated that despite the team’s hard work, they keep falling behind, and the business needles aren’t moving enough? Or, are things okay, but you can tell there’s a lot of untapped potential?

You know that something needs to change in the way your organization carries out product development or solution delivery. However, with the overwhelming wealth of advice available these days, you might be unsure of what exactly to change and how, or worried about spending a lot of time and effort but seeing little improvement.

It turns out that you need only 10 strategies to sustainably optimize value delivery, whether it’s product-oriented or project-oriented, traditional or agile or hybrid, single-team or scaled.

These strategies are sequential and incremental, and your operating model likely implements some of them already. You need to employ only two or three at a time to level up. In this practical guide from industry veteran Gil Broza you’ll discover which ones to apply now and how to execute them.

What readers are saying

This book is an invaluable resource for leaders who seek to foster a positive culture and build strong and effective product development teams.

~ Alon Sabi, Head of Engineering, Breadstack Technologies

Its insights make it a game-changer, and the 10 powerful strategies for optimizing value delivery are a treasure trove of actionable wisdom.

~ Dinah Davis, former VP of R&D, Arctic Wolf Networks

This book exemplifies and explains in detail how to enable an entire human system inside a bigger complex context.

~ Malene Krohn, Head of Product Development Excellence, SimCorp

It’s a refreshing departure from prescriptive approaches.

~ Steve Rogalsky, VP, Product Management

It will transform the way you approach your role.

~ TK Balaji, CIO, Post Consumer Brands