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Deliver Better Results

About the book

Leader: here is your practical roadmap to product development excellence.

Your development team works hard and achieves some successes. But customer outcomes are less than great, deliveries take too long, pivoting is difficult and costly, and the team is frustrated. The business is never satisfied, and you can never relax.

You’ve tried to improve results using Agile frameworks, Big Tech processes, team empowerment, and modern tools and techniques. Yet real improvement has been limited, slow, or unsustainable.

This book is for you. In it, you’ll discover:

  • A complete picture of what it takes to make meaningful, efficient, and sustainable improvement
  • 10 sequential, incremental, and holistic strategies to optimize value delivery
  • How to implement these strategies in your organization, whether it’s product-oriented or project-oriented, traditional or agile or hybrid, single-team or scaled
  • An easy, process-agnostic, and nontechnical assessment that will show you which strategies to use now

To help you apply everything in your context, the book also includes:

  • Dozens of real-life examples and a complete case study
  • Plain-language advice on people-first leadership, mindset, and systems thinking
  • Group discussion questions for leaders
  • Downloadable summaries and self-assessment questionnaires

Not in this book: idealism, dogma, prescriptions, magic bullets.

What readers are saying

This book is an invaluable resource for leaders who seek to foster a positive culture and build strong and effective product development teams.

~ Alon Sabi, Head of Engineering, Breadstack Technologies

Its insights make it a game-changer, and the 10 powerful strategies for optimizing value delivery are a treasure trove of actionable wisdom.

~ Dinah Davis, former VP of R&D, Arctic Wolf Networks

This book exemplifies and explains in detail how to enable an entire human system inside a bigger complex context.

~ Malene Krohn, Head of Product Development Excellence, SimCorp

It’s a refreshing departure from prescriptive approaches.

~ Steve Rogalsky, VP, Product Management

It will transform the way you approach your role.

~ TK Balaji, CIO, Post Consumer Brands