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The session is taken from Gil’s new book Deliver Better Results. Are you also aware of his earlier books?

The Human Side of Agile: “I’ve rarely seen so much useful, concrete advice packaged in such a simple and accessible way.”

— Henrik Kniberg, Agile coach, author, Scrum and XP from the Trenches and Lean from the Trenches.

The Agile Mind-Set: “This book urgently needs to be read by leaders and managers who plan to hop onto the Agile bandwagon. It will help you see through the briar-patch of branded services and ossified processes, to the original intent of ‘Agile’.”

— Rob Myers, Principal Coach/Instructor, Agile Institute

Agile for Non-Software Teams: “This book is a practical, well-written, and immediately applicable guide to becoming more agile in a non-software context. Complete with helpful examples, just enough theory, and down-to-earth prose, reading it is like having the author sit down with you over coffee and help you chart a pragmatic path to agility that’s right for your unique business context.”

Jorgen Hesselberg, author of Unlocking Agility

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