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The Human Side of Agile

Convert your greatest challenge into your greatest asset!

Whether you’re a ScrumMaster, project manager, functional manager, or team leader, you want to feel good about using Agile and create the conditions for great results. But the project management skills you honed in traditional environments don’t always apply to Agile team leadership. The book, The Human Side of Agile fills this gap, guiding you to:


  • Establish yourself as a confident and capable leader who adds value
  • Build and lead an engaged team that can handle almost any challenge
  • Cultivate collaboration and a continuous improvement mind-set
  • Reap the full benefits of Agile in the real world with real people


The human side of Agile is tricky. It’s the least manageable, understood, and appreciated asset in an Agile environment. Even if your customers are reasonably happy and your developers seem to be doing okay, you know your team is capable of more: delivering great products and staying ahead of ever-changing demands.


You need a team that’s self-organized, energetic, and flexible, even in tough situations. This book shows you how to build it and lead it.

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The Agile Mid-Set

What is the book about?

An Agile process alone does not guarantee great results. To succeed with Agile, the right mind-set must permeate all your actions. Pragmatic, method-agnostic, and easy to read, this book illuminates the adaptive, people-before-process Agile approach that delights customers with reliable value delivery. This book will not teach you practices or techniques, but rather how to think about choosing and applying them effectively.



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