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Author: Gil Broza

The Way of Working Should Be Fit for Purpose

An enterprise Agile coach wrote to me just as my fourth book came out: “Your book is timely.”

When I asked why she thought that, she answered: “The entire Agile community is struggling with how coaches, Scrum Masters, etc. define and deliver value.”

The Invisible Costs of Freezing Budgets

Manager: you’re seeing a problem that your executives aren’t seeing.

The issue starts with your executives being tense about the current business landscape. As a result, you are more constrained than ever.


Project Lies and Vicious Cycles

let’s talk about project lies, like these gems:

“I’m 90% done.”
“The status is green.”
“It will be ready by the promised date.”
“The new feature works fine.”
“Users are loving it!”


Don’t Write Agile off Just Yet

This year (2023), I’ve seen a particularly high number of “Agile is dead” posts in my LinkedIn feed. This sentiment has been triggered and reinforced by mass layoffs of Agile roles. Here is my response.READ MORE

Why Agile Practices Fail

“Agile doesn’t work” pitfall #1: Organizations adopt practices, but practices are only effective when executed with the mindset (values, beliefs, and principles) that gave rise to them.


Agile Is a System Thing

“Agile doesn’t work” pitfall #3: The Agile approach is designed for the entire system of value delivery, but companies apply it mostly in the build part.


How to Finish More Work

I often get this question: “My team works hard, but we struggle to achieve sprint goals and to finish as many stories/tasks as we’d like. What can we do?”READ MORE