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Your Agile Blind Spot

Most Agile implementations aren’t yielding meaningful agility, even if everything looks fine.

Gil Broza’s free mini-program, “Your Agile Blind Spot,” reveals the greatest and often invisible weaknesses of Agile implementations and what you can do to fix things.


Going Agile: Not with “Ceremonies” and “Rituals”

Imagine you’ve been asked to join another Agile team. The person in charge meets you and during the introductory conversation, says “Mondays, we have the planning ceremony at 10. The other main ceremonies are on Friday afternoons…”

Rewind to where the person said “ceremony.” Did you feel excited? curious? nervous? unenthusiastic?

What Can Management Do to Support Agile?

Everyone who tries to adopt Agile in their organization quickly realizes that the change extends beyond the team, project/program, and value stream. It affects management too. But how? More specifically, what should managers focus on to support the change to Agile?